“Hong Kong Gazette” published in 1841
had indicated quarrying activities in
“Shek Lup”, now known as “Shek O”. The
quarries in Shek O Village are no longer
there. The site which is now commonly
called “Shek O Quarry” is located on the
western side of the d’Aguilar Peninsula,
Hong Kong Island. It started operation
in 1964 and ceased in 2010. According
to the contract signed between the
government and operator in 1994,
the operator had the responsibility to
rehabilitate the quarries and develop an
environment similar to the surrounding
nature. The rehabilitation works have
now been completed and are planned for
possible development.
D’Aguilar Peninsula, where the Shek
O Quarry is located, is named after Sir
George Charles d’Aguilar, a Lieutenant
Governor of Hong Kong. Cape d’Aguilar
Lighthouse, located on the peninsula, is
the oldest lighthouse in Hong Kong. It is
now listed as a Declared Monument.