Ping Shan is located in east Kowloon,
with an elevation of 188 m. Ping Shan
quarry, located southwest of Ping Shan,
terminated production in the 1970s. In
2003, the development of the Choi Wan
Road and Jordan Valley area, in which
the quarry is located, commenced. The
former quarry has now been flattened
as platforms, on which public housing,
including Choi Fook Estate, Choi Tak
Estate, Choi Ying Estate, and several
schools are built.

Rock Park
In order to strengthen the public
understanding of geology, two rock
themed parks were developed by the
government at Ping Shan Quarry. The
parks, completed in 2010, are located at
the end of Choi Wing Road and Choi Hei
Road. There are remaining granitic wall
and granite samples located here, as well
as rock showcases and exhibitions within
the parks.