A Kung Ngam, or “Kung-Lam” is located at the south side of the eastern entrance of Victoria Harbour. In the 19th Century, Hakkan masons from Changle County in Guangdong started quarrying. The Hakkan brought the gods from their hometown with them, and developed the only “Temple of Emperor of Jade” in Hong Kong. A Kung Ngam Village still exists. All the stone houses, including “Wong On Kee”, were built using local granite. The most well-known mason of A Kung Ngam is Tsang Koon-Man. Tsang operated a quarry in A Kung Ngam in the mid-19th Century, and sold the product to the British for the development of Victoria City. A Hakkan walled village, now called “Tsang Tai Uk”, was constructed in Shan Ha Wai in Sha Tin after he became rich, and the house has been listed as a Grade I historic building.