“The Antarctic: A War Over Resources”

The Antarctic has lately been brought to the attention across the globe due to global climate change and intensifying loss of ice sheet. Growing demands on resources and a probable rush for development may lead to deterioration of the Antarctic landscape and depletion of its natural resources. Under the framework of the Antarctic Treaty and the Environmental Protocol, the Antarctic is protected by a 50-year moratorium on exploration and exploitation for mineral and energy resources. This fragile global common, amid potential environmental threats, can only be safeguarded through better understanding the true value of its natural resources.

One of the founder of “ProjecTerrae” , Mr. Jackie Chu, is the representative of Hong Kong for the International Antarctic Expedition 2014. Exhibitions demonstrating the environmental geological research findings, collaborated with Dr. Stephen Ng, was held in HKU Visitor Centre, Stephen Hui Geological Museum and New College accordingly. Seminars had been held for different institutes, secondary schools, authorities and organisations.

We offer exhibitions and seminars for different educational bodies. The seminar usually last for 60 minutes. And the exhibition period last from 3 days to 60 days. The target audience range is 12 years old or above. For enquiry, please Contact us at +852 3578 5469 or email us at events@projecterrae.org.



“The Mining History of Hong Kong”

The modern impression of Hong Kong is an international metropolis without any natural resources. However, this is not true. A high variety of earth resources, including galena, wolframite, magnetite, graphite, beryl, quartz, feldspar and kaolin had been mined; and granite had been quarried in Hong Kong in the past hundreds of years.

The book “Hong Kong Mining History” covered over 30  mine sites and quarries in Hong Kong. Seminars and exhibitions had been held for various educational bodies, international organisations and authorities with a massive media coverage in Hong Kong. The book is now available in the bookstores in Hong Kong.

For enquiries on book purchase, exhibitions and seminars in schools, please contact us at +852 3578 5469 or email us at events@projecterrae.org.